We watch as people are set apart by labels. We've watched fences spring up. We see division, and we watch the media twist stories around to promote this division. It's good for ratings! Yet, every time there is a tragedy in the news, the population of Earth takes to social media to shout about how humanity can and needs to be better.

It's time to see this become a reality! Imagine if we as the human race stopped being concerned with our differences, what we could accomplish. We dream of what humanity could do if we could simply work together!

Enough is enough! We encourage you to accept people for WHO they are, not focus on WHAT they are. Humans have different beliefs, preferences, opinions, values, and societal norms, and we must learn that these very differences make us stronger as a whole! It's time for the silent majority to stop being silent!

There's one part of humanity each of us has control over. Ourselves!

If each of us, individually, commits to being better ourselves, and to encouraging those we come in contact with to do the same, we can make a difference

12th Fleet is new, but we're building! . There will be a documentary. There will be regular video podcasts. There will be blog entries about what we're doing. There will be prizes. We will be active and responsive on social media, and who knows where else we may pop up. Stay tuned! Better yet, join us!