12th Fleet Goes to Arkansas

VisionCon 2017
March 16, 2017


Captain MelbaCaptain’s Log,
Stardate 70678.1

Last month, 12th Fleet – RLB was interviewed by Brothers On Whatever during our trip to VisionCon 2017 in Branson. During that interview, we mentioned an upcoming meeting of several 12th Fleet folks to celebrate the 81st birthday of 12th Fleet members William ‘Bear’ Purl Jr and John ‘Big Ben’ Purl’s mother, Melba.

On the 11th of March, members of 12th Fleet – Games and 12th Fleet – RLB traveled from three states, met in Arkansas, and did exactly that! Despite suffering from end-stage cancer, Melba constantly shows exceptional grace, strength, and determination. She always has a kind word, and embodies the 12th Fleet values of focusing on WHO people are, rather than what they are.

12th Fleet Captain's mug and birthday cake.

Melba’s 12th Fleet customized Captain’s mug and birthday cake.

As such, the party began with Melba being inducted into 12th Fleet – Games as an honorary Captain. Then, Captain Melba was presented with the first ever 12th Fleet – Games coffee mug, personalized with her name and newly bestowed rank. The mug was designed by Bob ‘Scarlack’ Ogden specifically for this occasion. While Bob couldn’t attend in person as he lives in the UK, he did send birthday wishes and was very happy to hear about the smile the festivities brought the newest (and oldest) Captain.

Tiny and Melba after cutting the cake.

Tiny and Melba after cutting the cake.

No birthday celebration is complete without cake, and the first ever 12th Fleet – Games birthday cake was ceremonially cut together by Melba and Anthony ‘Tiny’ Kladis. Tiny is the creator and leader of 12th Fleet – Games. Shortly thereafter, Melba’s new Captain’s mug started it’s maiden voyage that, to our knowledge, hasn’t ended yet.

Welcome aboard, Melba, we’re absolutely thrilled to have you with us, and we were honored to be invited to participate in your birthday celebration. You’re more than welcome to join us in the 12th Fleet Discord server, and on any of our social media outlets anytime! Happy Birthday, Captain!



12th Fleet celebrates Melba's 81st birthday From right to left: Big Ben, Bear, Melba, Capt Morgan, Tiny, Panda

12th Fleet celebrates Melba’s 81st birthday!
From left to right: Panda, Tiny, Capt Morgan, Melba, Bear, and Big Ben

Captain Bill Morgan Morgan
Captain Bill Morgan Morgan
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